Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not just your average bye week

Now comes the time when you self-proclaimed “expert” fantasy owners will own your stripes as not only will you have to deal with the cumbersome bye week but if you’re near the top of your table you probably have one or two top players on a mini vacation this week. Firstly, two of the top three quarterbacks will be off the grid(iron) as Michael Vick will get some much needed rest to heal and the Patriots will be taking their 5-1 record to the Cape for two weeks and that means no Tom Brady, Wes Welker, or tight ends will be available. The Niners will be working on their handshakes with their time off and that means no Frank Gore, the GMen get an extra week to celebrate winning the battle of New York so Hakeem Nicks will not be bringing 18 points to the table for someone. The top kicker will not be in play or the fifth and sixth ranked defenses. So for those of us that do not have Aaron Rodgers or the Ravens defense look down the bench, or start going through the garbage here are some ideas.

How about Matt Cassell going against the 29th ranked pass defense? With a depleted running attack due to injury, and the Raiders will give up some big yards through the air. MC Matty-Matt may not be available in most leagues but is a starter in less than 20%. I also like the wildcard Tony Romo coming back home to run up a huge number against the hapless Rams even though they are tenth in the league in pass defense.

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