Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy days for some quarterbacks

With the lockout one would have expected the defenses not just to be a step ahead of the offenses but several. Surprisingly that was not the case on opening weekend as from the opening Thursday Night game as Brethrough the Monday Night as Brees (419) and Rodgers (312) lit up the night and then Brady (517) and Henne (416) set a record for yardage to close things out. In between you had rookie Cam Newton (422) setting a record for a first game. Unfortunately, I still don’t know of anyone who had either of the latter starting for them on opening day as I wouldn’t have expected the Cam or Chad to make a dent let alone set records, but that’s why they play the game. Here are the stats by position for week 1 and we’ll be back on Thursday morning with our line-up picks for next week. Visit our Fantasy Football Page to view stats and fantasy points for every player.

Top Five Quarterbacks for week 1 (based on a standard point system)

Tom Brady - 42
Chad Henne - 37
Drew Brees - 34
Cam Newton - 33
Ryan Fitzpatrick - 32

Top Five Running Backs for week 1
Mike Tolbert - 26
Ray Rice - 26
LeSean McCoy - 25
Matt Forte - 21
Cedric Benson - 18

Top Five Wide Receivers for Week 1
Steve Smith - 29
Wes Welker - 28
Kenny Britt - 25
Calvin Johnson - 20
Devery Henderson - 16
Reggy Wayne - 16
DeSean Jackson - 16

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