Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy days for some quarterbacks

With the lockout one would have expected the defenses not just to be a step ahead of the offenses but several. Surprisingly that was not the case on opening weekend as from the opening Thursday Night game as Brethrough the Monday Night as Brees (419) and Rodgers (312) lit up the night and then Brady (517) and Henne (416) set a record for yardage to close things out. In between you had rookie Cam Newton (422) setting a record for a first game. Unfortunately, I still don’t know of anyone who had either of the latter starting for them on opening day as I wouldn’t have expected the Cam or Chad to make a dent let alone set records, but that’s why they play the game. Here are the stats by position for week 1 and we’ll be back on Thursday morning with our line-up picks for next week. Visit our Fantasy Football Page to view stats and fantasy points for every player.

Top Five Quarterbacks for week 1 (based on a standard point system)

Tom Brady - 42
Chad Henne - 37
Drew Brees - 34
Cam Newton - 33
Ryan Fitzpatrick - 32

Top Five Running Backs for week 1
Mike Tolbert - 26
Ray Rice - 26
LeSean McCoy - 25
Matt Forte - 21
Cedric Benson - 18

Top Five Wide Receivers for Week 1
Steve Smith - 29
Wes Welker - 28
Kenny Britt - 25
Calvin Johnson - 20
Devery Henderson - 16
Reggy Wayne - 16
DeSean Jackson - 16

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panic time may be come early for some as the bye week came early

For Fantasy team owners it was apparent from the moment after the Lombardi trophy arrived in Green Bay that the imminent lockout would cause major problems deciding who to draft, once it was clear there would actually be one. Then the shortened pre-season, inability to gauge which rookies would make an impact, and which veterans lost one step too many where all resolved questions and byproducts of the lockout. so now that we’ve survived rounds 4-12 of the draft and got what we think is a winner in week one out come the injury reports and now . For those of you who will be without the services of your first round draft choice it appears the bye-week scuffling has come early. Peyton’s been a question mark for some time and made him drop do the third or fourth QB taken is most drafts, and probably by the guy who picked last so he could take a chance with the second of his back-to-backs. That or a real aggressive owner in the middle of the pack figuring the risk was worth the reward and needing to make a move to climb up the ranks. Well it looks like the river card has just been turned over and your straight is busted. Staying with the theme of risk takers the Chris Johnson roulette players knew he would be an RB2 or 3 in week one because of being in camp for just over a month but limited minutes and carries in a game that may not be close (vs. Jags) may force some to do the unthinkable and sit their number one overall pick in something other than in week 6. If these didn’t throw someone in your league for a loop then surely Arian Foster’s status for game one is a major concern as some leagues require line-ups in place by the start of the NFL week (this year on Thursday night), and his status for the game, or at least effectiveness is still not known. So the mainstay top picks will either not be available or certainly a step our two short of their normal weekly numbers so all of you looking to get out to an early lead and build a cushion may get your opportunity.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

For those about to draft, we salute you

Player Name YDS TD to INT PTS
A. Rodgers 4404.0 31.1-12.7 368.0
Michael Vick 3679.7 26.3-13.1 367.2
D. Brees 4623.3 33.9-18.2 338.4
T. Brady 4222.3 32.6-11.7 335.6
P. Manning 4438.7 32.3-16.5 328.2
P. Rivers 4337.0 31.3-11.1 327.4
T. T. Romo 4333.7 28.8-14.0 310.6

Player name RUSH REC TD PTS
A. Peterson 1454.3 364.7 12.0 237.4
A. Foster 1319.3 446.0 11.1 235.6
C. Johnson 1371.3 320.0 10.8 224.2
R. Rice 1232.7 543.7 7.4 212.4
J. Charles 1294.3 406.0 7.4 210.2
M. Turner 1345.3 58.7 12.9 203.2
L. McCoy 1124.0 478.0 7.1 200.2

Player Name REC YDS TD PTS
R. White 97.9 1429.0 10.4 195.4
A. Johnson 104.9 1461.7 9.3 194.2
C. Johnson 80.7 1333.7 11.4 194.0
G. Jennings 83.8 1351.3 8.9 179.6
H. Nicks 80.6 1220.3 9.7 171.6
L. Fitzgerald 98.2 1324.0 8.0 170.8
M. Wallace 67.3 1174.3 9.1 166.4

Player Name FG XP PTS
M. Bryant 27.4 47.1 129.3
S. Gostkowski 26.1 49.8 128.1
N. Rackers 29.1 39.0 126.3
M. Crosby 26.3 46.9 125.8
G. Hartley 26.3 46.2 125.1
N. Kaeding 26.3 43.8 122.7
A. Vinatieri 26.0 44.5 122.5

Packers 5212.7 312.3 47.2 36.7
Steeler 4535.7 287.0 52.9 34.4
Ravens 4836 309.8 37.5 31.7
Jets 4723.6 320.9 42.1 29
Eagles 4934.4 336.4 45.5 37.8
Giants 5146.4 368.2 50.4 34.8
Bears 5060.3 343.0 39.9 35.1

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