Thursday, December 9, 2010

Second season begins for Fantasy players so make your moves count

Welcome to the next level! If you are taking the time to pay attention to a Fantasy Football Blog that means that you are one of the 25% of Fantasy Football players around the country who have managed to advance to playoffs in your leagues, either squeaking in as the last seed or coming in as the top seed. In either case it’s a new season and you can throw the records out so those of your that were granted a reprieve you should feel lucky, so take advantage of it. If you’re a top two seed (hopefully you play in a league that rewards the top two with 1st round byes) then make sure you don’t lose a season’s worth of work by not preparing properly, and I hope we can help.
Complete Fantasy Stats for Week 13 and projections for Week 14 here.
Quarterbacks –
For you guys who managed to get crafty and pick up some of the second stringers who stepped in and may have saved you over the last couple of weeks but this is the playoffs and you’re not going to get away with it again.
Avoid - Matt Cassel is too dangerous to take a chance on this week even if he does play, how healthy could he be, and even if he does play how well would he play in pain against the top passing D in the NFL?
Fool’s Gold - John Kitna has had the highest percentage increase in ownership among quarterbacks this week as you can sense the desperation and need for change with some Fantasy owners. However this may not be your move. The Eagle’s D may be ranked 17th against the pass but they can bring the heat and will force JK to put it up quicker than he’s used to. Moreover the loss of Dez Bryant will make a huge difference when a Cowboys need a sure 3rd down conversion to keep the drive alive, so they may be short of weapons going into such a big game.
Mamma’s Boys – Jay Cutler Mother nature will not be kind to both Jay Cutler or Tom Brady this weekend as the weather calls for a temperature in the 20’s with wind. Although both Q’s play in cities where the elements are often not conducive to an aerial attack and they still seem to do well, if you have an option to substitute you may want to consider it, particularly in Cutler’s case as his offense does not center around a short passing game.
Sleeper Pick - David Garrard – The Jags have won 4 of 5 and have scores over 24 points in all but one of their last six games so their offense has not been an issue and I love teams that have good run support so the Q’s can pick their spots to throw and MJD should be able to help the Jags control the time of possession. Now it’s not like the Raiders are terrible against the pass (9th and only 206 ypg) but they have allowed 22 TDs through the air this year and 1 rushing TD to a quarterback. The Jags have a lot to play for so look for them to still be going up top even with a lead in 4th.
Next up Running Backs………………………………..

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