Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to separate the Theo Epsteins from the Elgin Baylors

It’s crunch time in most fantasy leagues because you’ve either cemented your position in the playoffs and need to gear for the week 14-17 matchups as your playoff games or you’re a bubble team that needs to lock down a couple of quality wins or steal a couple to get in. The good news/bad news scenario is then the slate is whipped clean and you’ve got a real short season and a good matchup can make the difference between months of hazing and the spoils of victory including most of the bragging rights and smac talk. It’s time to break out the chess board, think 3 moves ahead, and be more Theo Epstein of the Red Sox than Elgin Baylor of the Clippers. Now if you need to get in or hold the three most important things are matchups, matchups, matchups so keep your eye on that combination of who might be available due to playing on a team with a poor record of perhaps has not had an opportunity to play. Today’s focus will be the quarterback position and three immediately fit this mold.
Matt Cassel (Chiefs) this could be the best matchups quarterback over the next two weeks if he’s available, and may be because of the stats year that he’s had thus far, and although he’s 14th in most leagues that puts him right on the fringe between fantasy unemployment and backup. The Chiefs perhaps have the best schedule over the next two weeks for quarterbacks as they host the Cards (27th in the league vs. the pass) this week, then travel to Seattle to take on the SeaChickens (28th), so if you can get him, he’s the top pick off the wires and if you’ve had him on the bench dust him off and get him in there as he may save your season.
Troy Smith (49’ers) ok, I know it’s a wild card but if you’re searching the waiver wire then this isn’t just a sub/start question and your cupboards empty so you’re going to have to take some risk and he can get pulled if he has a couple of bad quarters but 356 last week with one td is not back for a week 11 pickup, but you may have to put him on ice for a week as a matchup with the Bucs (8th in the league vs. the pass) doesn’t look promising even though they are at home but then you have Arizona next week (27th) which is where you can cash your dividend check. Matt Cassel
You’ll have to drive to the “Leisure Village retirement home” for this pickup but it may be worth your while as there is not much chance anyone picked up John Kitna going up against the Giants unless they were really trying to think outside the box, so he should be available. The crafty vet could do well his third game in the lineup as they take on the Lions (17th) and the Pats (30th) after that it’s back to the recliner but he might get you over the hump.

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