Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7 could be the day of the Running Back

This Sunday could be on of the best days if your fantasy team is heavily relying on the Running Backs to carry the scoring load even if you weren’t lucky enough to get a top five pick on draft day. Several of the big point running backs have favorable matchups and should score well so if you have the option of going two or three RBs at the cost of a TE or WR you may want to make that switch this week. Here are the top 8 back and their week 7 defensive matchups.

1. R. Rice (BAL) vs BUF
2. C. Johnson (TEN) vs PHI
3. A. Peterson (MIN) @GB
4. S. Jackson (StL) @TB
5. R. Torain (WAS) @CHI
6. F. Gore (SF) @CAR
7. R. Mendenhall (PIT) @MIA
8. M. Jones-drew (JAC) @KC

The Quarterback position is not as easy to call if you’re not holding a top 3 pick but many recipients of the coveted first pick are scrambling to find a sub for Perfect Peyton who is on a bye week. For those of you who might be pillaging through the garbage that is the free-agent market or looking to dust off a third-stringer, look at Matt Cassel going against the Jags defense on short rest. Also look to Kyle Orton to bounce back and have a good day against the Raiders.

1. D. Brees (NO) vs CLE
2. M. Cassel (KC) vs JAC (Smacchat Sleeper of the Week)
3. D. Mcnabb (WAS) @CHI
4. K. Orton (DEN) vs OAK
5. E. Manning (NYG) @DAL
6. A. Rodgers (GB) vs MIN
7. T. Brady (NE) @SD
8. P. Rivers (SD) vs NE
9. T. Romo (DAL) vs NYG

As for the wide outs if you were lucky enough to hold the waiver wire rotation first dibs then you picked up Deion Branch for nothing as no one wanted him. Now he goes back to San Diego where he has always had big games and now that he’s got a better grasp on the playbook he could take down 20+ points. Here are the other choices for top receiver of the afternoon.
1. H. Nicks (NYG) @DAL
2. B. Lloyd (DEN) vs OAK
3. R. White (ATL) vs CIN
4. A. Boldin (BAL) vs BUF
5. R. Moss (MIN) @GB
6. J. Maclin (PHI) @TEN
7. M. Austin (DAL) vs NYG
8. M. Wallace (PIT) @MIA
9. G. Jennings (GB) vs MIN
10. S. Moss (WAS) @CHI
11. D. Bowe (KC) vs JAC
12. M. Crabtree (SF) @CAR
13. T. Owens (CIN) @ATL
14. D. Branch (NE) @SD (smacchat sleeper pick)

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