Friday, October 29, 2010

Sit em' or Start em' week 8

QuarterBacks – Peyton Manning (vs. Houston Defense)
I normally don’t jump on the favorite’s train when it comes to trying to find sleeper picks because by definition if every league has them starting that there won’t be much opportunity to make a crafty pickup or start, and this guy probably was the first pick in most leagues but it’s hard to believe that Peyton Manning hasn’t broke 20 points since week 4, albeit one of those weeks was a bye week, but the two weeks preceeding only would have garnished you 18 and 7 respectively. However I do look for him to have a huge day this weekend and perhaps his best passing total for the season thus far. Houston will put pressure on him and maybe even get to him a couple of times but they will also get beat deep and they give up huge passing plays so if you were thinking of being crafty by NOT starting Peyton a playing the matchups, don’t.
Running Backs – Frank Gore (vs. Denver)
The only thing that scares me about this move is how bad Denver looked last week and that they would have to be contemplating making major moves if not stepping up the defense. However I’m also thinking that if RunDMC can drop 43 points on them then Gore who is the anchor of the running game that needs to get going should be able to get at least half of that. Now I realize he has done much lately (15, 14, 9 last 3 weeks) but much like the guy listed above, look for FG to have a breakout week and get over 20 points for you as your second back. Start him.
Wide Receivers Miles Austin (vs. JVille)
Ok, this is a pure matchup play, the 32nd ranked passing defense against a team that must win and pass to do it as you know the Jags will be going 8 in the box of force old man Kitna to put it in the air and that’s what he’ll do but safely. A lot of short passes and then the YACs will take over and there should be plenty for the Austin who has shown up all season and in a must win will do the same.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7 could be the day of the Running Back

This Sunday could be on of the best days if your fantasy team is heavily relying on the Running Backs to carry the scoring load even if you weren’t lucky enough to get a top five pick on draft day. Several of the big point running backs have favorable matchups and should score well so if you have the option of going two or three RBs at the cost of a TE or WR you may want to make that switch this week. Here are the top 8 back and their week 7 defensive matchups.

1. R. Rice (BAL) vs BUF
2. C. Johnson (TEN) vs PHI
3. A. Peterson (MIN) @GB
4. S. Jackson (StL) @TB
5. R. Torain (WAS) @CHI
6. F. Gore (SF) @CAR
7. R. Mendenhall (PIT) @MIA
8. M. Jones-drew (JAC) @KC

The Quarterback position is not as easy to call if you’re not holding a top 3 pick but many recipients of the coveted first pick are scrambling to find a sub for Perfect Peyton who is on a bye week. For those of you who might be pillaging through the garbage that is the free-agent market or looking to dust off a third-stringer, look at Matt Cassel going against the Jags defense on short rest. Also look to Kyle Orton to bounce back and have a good day against the Raiders.

1. D. Brees (NO) vs CLE
2. M. Cassel (KC) vs JAC (Smacchat Sleeper of the Week)
3. D. Mcnabb (WAS) @CHI
4. K. Orton (DEN) vs OAK
5. E. Manning (NYG) @DAL
6. A. Rodgers (GB) vs MIN
7. T. Brady (NE) @SD
8. P. Rivers (SD) vs NE
9. T. Romo (DAL) vs NYG

As for the wide outs if you were lucky enough to hold the waiver wire rotation first dibs then you picked up Deion Branch for nothing as no one wanted him. Now he goes back to San Diego where he has always had big games and now that he’s got a better grasp on the playbook he could take down 20+ points. Here are the other choices for top receiver of the afternoon.
1. H. Nicks (NYG) @DAL
2. B. Lloyd (DEN) vs OAK
3. R. White (ATL) vs CIN
4. A. Boldin (BAL) vs BUF
5. R. Moss (MIN) @GB
6. J. Maclin (PHI) @TEN
7. M. Austin (DAL) vs NYG
8. M. Wallace (PIT) @MIA
9. G. Jennings (GB) vs MIN
10. S. Moss (WAS) @CHI
11. D. Bowe (KC) vs JAC
12. M. Crabtree (SF) @CAR
13. T. Owens (CIN) @ATL
14. D. Branch (NE) @SD (smacchat sleeper pick)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fantasy Football week six, time to wach the weather and injury reports

As we get into week six there seem to be certainties that you can count on every year. The weather beginning to become a major factor as the rain and cold begin to roll in, and the injuries become more prevalent. So, as move towards the mid-way point in the season we’ll consider both of those factors as we look toward putting the best lineup. With that said, here’s who we think should have big point days this weekend.
Peyton Manning – Colts (vs. Redskins) – Ok any time you get a chance to start Peyton it’s kind of an easy call, but so far this year he’s only been the top point quarterback once this year (week 1) including a dismal showing last week, only going for 244 with a pick and no TD’s. However, going up against the 30th ranked pass defense in the league look for PM to break out of his short slump and go for 25 points plus in this one.
Arian Foster – Houston (vs. Chiefs) Look for Foster to make up for his horrible 25-yard 0 touchdown performance against the Giants with a strong 100-plus yard, 2 td performance against the Chiefs this weekend. I realize those are bold numbers but at home the Texans are a totally different club and I’s still not sold on the Chiefs defense.
Hakeem Nicks – Giants (vs. Lions) 26th against the run 24th against the Pass gives you a good place to start, and he’s quickly becoming a top point man every week with 130, 110, and 75 (3tds) under his belt already this season, Nicks should go for big points against the Lion’s defense. Start him in your 2’s or 3’s.
Sleeper Pick of the week – Michael Bush (vs. Niners) showing huge potential as his carries increase and he should get plenty this weekend as the Raiders are dealing with the afore mentioned injury concerns with Gradkowski still not participating in practice so we may see Jason Campbell. In either case put Bush in as your 2 or 3 and you might get RB1 points.
Get him to the airport - Jerricho Cotchery - WR (Jets) Although he had his season high five catches last week against Minnesota don’t look for that to be a continuing trend with Santana Moss returning to the lineup. If you have JC in your top three put him on waivers now, do a little work, and find a good matchup where you might steal a td.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fantasy Football starting questions week 5

If your Fantasy League was anything like most last week you probably had some managers pulling their hair out and wonder why they had more bench points than starter points, and it’s because the NFL took a dip in the hot tub time machine and took us back five years as the top performers more resembled the leaderboard from eight years ago. The top passer was a first-year rookie out of East Carolina named David Garrard (25 points in most leagues), the 2nd best Running Back was a second year player out of little known TCU named LaDanian Tomlinson, and the top Wide Receiver was a brass, tall 6-3, lengthy five year veteran out of Tennessee Chattanooga, named Terrell Owens, the top tight end and scorer overall was a rookie Tight End out of another small school, Kent State, a former basketball player and 10th round pick in most fantasy drafts Antonio Gates. Lastly, just for good measure the top kicker is the Godfather with 11 years experience, Jason Hanson. And that’s how the article would have read eight years ago! This weekend seems even more unbelievable as those rookies are seasoned vets who probably had the best stat games that they will have all year, but it does make you really ponder if it was really an aberration of you go sifting through the discards for some cheap crafty vets that can put you over the top this weekend? Well don’t do dropping Adrian Peterson just yet, and keep your eye on who might make a difference this weekend.
Running Back - MJD – Picked up his first 100-yard rushing game (and TD) last weekend against the Colts and really his first game that justified a number 3 pick in most leagues. Look for him to keep the momentum going against the winless Buffalo Bills and pick up over 100 again.
Quarterback – Peyton Manning – The Colts need a win to avoid going under .500 for the first time in recent memory and really make their quest to return to the Super Bowl a daunting task, so Peyton will be looking have a big day and despite being the lone unbeaten team in the NFL the Chiefs are dogs.
WR – Reggie Wayne – A great opportunity to double dip if Peyton can find his best target. Buffalo has the 12th ranked defense against the pass and 32nd against the run so the Colts should be moving the ball all day.
Player to possibly let take a breather this weekend
TE – Antonio Gates – This is a tempting guy to start not only because of the 26+ points he put up last week but because of the week that he had last week but because he is #1 YTD for tight ends. My concern is the that the Raiders, despite their record, do have the #3 rated defense against the pass in the NFL and always play the Chargers tough in this rivalry game. If you have another TE that can get you double digits you may want to lean in that direction.
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