Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To start or not to start, that is the question

Michael Vick – Redskins at Philly – The Fantasy MVP in many leagues last week (3 tds 291 and 30)with an average of 32 points was undoubtedly the highest producing quarterback out gunning Peyton(25), Phillip(24), and Tom (22) but can he do it again particularly with the other team scheming for him? We think so. The Redskins give up 265 per through the air and they having played the best names in league. Where the Skins could provide a little trouble is on the ground where they offer up less than 100 per, but Vick has not been doing it with his legs as much as of late. He should still be your starter.
Tom Brady – Pats at Dolphins – this is a tough call. Brady has been consistently producing through three games this season and may be called upon to keep the Pats in this one if the Dolphins plug up the New England running game which is suspect at best. Because of the ‘stat padder’ game against the Bills the Pats average 123 yards per on the ground but it’s fool’s gold. Conversely, if the Fish go 8 in the box to stop the Pats spread offense Brady could go for 300, also if Miami gets out to a big lead NE may have to throw to get in the game, keep in mind the Dolphins only give up 17 points per game. If you are blessed to have another major on your club then perhaps sit Tom down, but I want to know what league you’re in that you can get two quarterbacks of that caliber and have anything left!
One to watch – Matt Ryan Atlanta vs. San Francisco – I know he hasn’t really broken out yet but this could be a good week to count on 30+ points from Ryan as he’ll be hosting the ‘Niners who give up 217 in the air and more than that on turf. San Francisco does have a strong rush D so if the Birds take with the defense gives them there should be some good opportunities for the Falcons and particularly Ryan if they get down inside the 10 as they will probably try to hit pay dirt through the air as the path of least resistance. I look for 20+ points from Ryan this weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 3 Moves and Matchups

Going into week 3 of the NFL season there are a lot teams who find themselves in either “must win” situations even though we’re only two games into the season, and that’s not just the 0-2 teams as many of the 1-1 teams realize they can’t fall too far behind the leaders if they want the chance to host a playoff game. All of this equates to the “go to guys” needing to show up big. So with that in mind try to find some matchups where a team will leave no doubt about the outcome of the game and the players that will benefit from it.
Adrian Peterson – matched up against Minnesota at home should be a good combination for a big day, and Favre with a dearth of quality receivers they could suddenly become a one-dimensional team and that bodes well for AP holders.
Darren McFadden – Going up against an Arizona defense that is ranked 31st against the run and is struggling to keep teams out of the end zone (17 v Rams, 41 v Falcons) even the Raiders should be able to get into the end zone at least twice and with a shaky QB situation look for Oakland to keep the ball on the ground.
Tom Brady – The Pats offense looked like the unbeaten team of 07’ for the first two possessions of last week’s game but then couldn’t do anything else for the rest of the afternoon. Word out of New England is that they are going to try to pump up the volume (in regards to yards, points, and speed) and that should set up well for a home game against the Bills in which the Pats realize if they lose they could find themselves 2 full games back of the Fish in the AFC East.
Malcom Floyd – The Chrargers take a trip to Seattle to face the Sea Hawks, potentially bad weather, and their 26th ranked pass defense. On the non-statistical side all of the talk about how much the Chargers miss Vincent Jackson has got to be motivational for Floyd to step up as the new top guy. Normally a number 2 or 3 receiver on most fantasy teams, move him up this week and you won’t be sorry.
Next up tomorrow, players who might not get their average tomorrow.
Who do you think might be due for a breakout weekend? Let us know here and in the Fantasy Football chat room on the main site.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fantasy Spotlight – Players due for a week 2 comeback and those facing a tough week

Adrian Peterson – True the Vikings going up against a dolphin defense that is difficult to run against but on the carpet in Minnesota I like AP to get his hundred plus as well as get a couple of sores from inside the 10-yard line for a 20+ point game.

Chris Johnson – Titans – (rough week) the Steelers know they’re defense is going to have to carry the day as they have no offense to speak of. They typically only allow less than a hundred and only gave up 58 last week in an overtime game. Rest assured they will be stacking the box and forcing Vince to beat them with his arm.

Peyton Manning – Colts – (good week) the Giants pass d normally will give you 200 per game and I think they were well on their way before Moore got hurt, and Clausen was simply not ready for prime time. This week though they will get a full dose of Peyton at home, on turf, and in need of a win. Look for Peyton to get over 250 and give you at least 23 points

Tom Brady – Patriots – (tough week) – Firstly, every time you go up against the Jets at home it’s going you must shave off 20% from the standard deviation, but there are so many qualitative factors in this game such as the rivalry, Revis getting another game under his belt, the trash talk, the Jets coming off a home loss and staring 0-2 in the face, etc. All of these things add up to the Jets stepping up on D, and I still don’t think they will win of the field but don’t expect the Pats to put up 30 plus like they did on the Bengals.

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