Monday, August 16, 2010

Fantasy Football "Need to Knows"

With exactly 4 weeks until the kickoff of the 2010 season it’s our job to provide you with enough information in time to get your Fantasy Club in order so you can distribute punishment throughout your league to all those in need of a good beat down. The first thing to consider regardless if you’re in a cash, auction, or rotisserie draft league is who to take with those first crucial 4 picks, and particularly in a draft league if you happen to pick last it’s imperative that you pick up your bread and butter offensive players with your consecutive picks as the cupboards may be barren for a cornerstone player come picks 3 and 4, so don’t waste or over pay. With that in mind there are several players that historically are worthy of a cornerstone pick that may will get trapped into taking this year, don’t be one of those guys. First and foremost keep out of the ICU and wait until after prime time (first 4 rounds) to go after these names because you don’t know how they’re going to come of the shoot.
Larry Fitzgerald – WR Cards - MCL strain, could miss only one game or as many as six and may not be 100% so you may want to set on him until a few of the receivers that are the ‘go to’ guy on their teams (even if they’re bad teams) are gone. I would rather pick up a Calvin Johnson on Detroit knowing that he’s the only guy that’s gonna’ catch a ball from Stafford and he had twice as many yards last year as any Lion receiver.
Fred Jackson – RB Buffalo - hand injury requited surgery and may be back for the season opener. This is a tricky one because of the injury to Marshawn Lynch, who may still be back for the season opener. If not then Jackson should get the majority of the snaps but is still not worth a high pick because he’ll be sharing time most of the season and if you’re going to take a running back before the 4th round he should be a versatile and catch some passes as well.
Vernon Davis – Tight End 49’ers – Knee Strain - After a monster season, Davis is among the fantasy elite at the TE position. In '09, he had 78 receptions, 965 yards and 13 touchdowns. What is more encouraging is that when QB Alex Smith became the permanent starter, Davis' numbers were consistently great to close the season. There is the potential that Davis could exceed his numbers from last year, but if he is not 100%, then rest assured Singletary will replace him with somebody that is. He may still be worth an early pick but if you’re in a knowledgeable league he’ll be around until the 5th round.
Ben Tate – RB Houston - Now it appears he is likely to miss the entire season so now that brings up the value of Adrian Foster and Steve Slaton but remember that Slaton won’t be carrying the ball much in the red zone due to his propensity to lay the ball on the carpet. So perhaps look to Adrian Foster to be a real steal in the late rounds as he has moved up on the depth chart ahead of Slaton even though Slaton is ranked higher on many Fantasy boards.

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