Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final Fantasy Draft Weekend

As the number of Fantasy Football draft parties hit their peak this weekend the jury is still out on several players some due to injury questions, some have held out and only attended a portion of training camp or none at all, and some just are not living up to expectations. So who is worth a first round pick or who can you wait on? Should you waste a pick on any TE before the 5th round? Well, we’ve put together our first three rounds of the mock draft to get you started and have ranked the top 20 in each position to get you though the lean rounds when things are not so obvious. But keep your head about you, as those are the crucial rounds when you make the crafty picks that make the difference between someone who is prepared for the bye weeks and someone who is fumbling through the garbage on the Wednesday prior, looking for a second back or WR. Let us know who you think is a diamond in the rough and who is over priced here and in the Fantasy Football Chat room.
Mock Draft by position:
Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends

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