Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 4 injury reports and skinny

This coming week in addition to the bye weeks you really have to pay attention to injuries as several key players on both sides of the ball will miss action. Here is the quick rundown: Well everyone’s former top pick LT has failed to be worthy of a number 1 pick you three years now and now that he’s a #2, he comes out of the box hurt, but he will play this week but not at 100% and going against the Pittsburgh D, even without Troy, still is a risky bet. If you have the Charger D remember that Merriman is going to try and go, and is a game time decision. Going against the Pitt O with a hobbled Willie Parker may not be such a bad start. If you start the Pittsburgh D you may want to sit them one more week because they aren’t the same without TP and the Chargers may score some serious points on them.

Colts Defense : Freeney is going to try and give it a go, so he says, but the coaching staff seems to think he’s not well enough to go. If not, it make a huge difference so if your second team D is close go with them.

Lance Moore/Saints – Is probable but it’s still anyone guess how effective he’ll be, not bad as a 3rd wideout if you don’t have a tight end.

Wes Welker/Patriots – the “Slot Machine” practiced this week and should be able to go this week with the caveat on how effective he’ll be as the Pats still don’t look in sinc with Brady still working is way back into form and no he’ll have to try and get Welker’s timing down. He might play but don’t look for him to get last year’s numbers right away.

Some Running Backs that will need to be replaced:

Portis/Redskins – sore calf and is a game time decision. Even if he plyas don’t look for him to make a huge difference.

Felix Jones/Marion Barber / Dallas – Double trouble if you have either one as although the barbarian will play he’s only about 80% and the Ca’Boys may have problems moving the ball

Frank Gore/49’ers – Out so if he’s still around the SF backups should still be in free agency if you have time to go through the garbage prior to kickoff.

If your in need of a last minute pick up at quarterback, look to Kyle Boller who is going to the this week for the Lambs as Bulger will be 3rd string even if he is activated.

All of the Week 4 player projections by position.

Week 4 injury report

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final Fantasy Draft Weekend

As the number of Fantasy Football draft parties hit their peak this weekend the jury is still out on several players some due to injury questions, some have held out and only attended a portion of training camp or none at all, and some just are not living up to expectations. So who is worth a first round pick or who can you wait on? Should you waste a pick on any TE before the 5th round? Well, we’ve put together our first three rounds of the mock draft to get you started and have ranked the top 20 in each position to get you though the lean rounds when things are not so obvious. But keep your head about you, as those are the crucial rounds when you make the crafty picks that make the difference between someone who is prepared for the bye weeks and someone who is fumbling through the garbage on the Wednesday prior, looking for a second back or WR. Let us know who you think is a diamond in the rough and who is over priced here and in the Fantasy Football Chat room.
Mock Draft by position:
Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends

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