Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantasy Football no-shows and sleeper picks

A third of the way through the Fantasy season and anyone in a league where you hold over the players from one year to the next is in deep trouble if they don’t have any cap room left to make some moves. Here are some of the biggest year-to-year disappointments a third of the way into the season:
LT – No doubt many team’s number one pick and highest cost has just 4 TDs in 7 games this year. In his 23-14 loss at Buffalo LT had just 41 yards on 14 carries and 26 yards on six catches with no single touch good for more than 9 yards. If you are holding him do you sit him? You may have to cut your losses and make a move. Now, we’re not pickin’ on LT, rest assured he is not the only first-rounder that is disappointing right now, the list is long but distinguished. How about Peyton Manning? 7 ints the last 5 games and averaging only 20 points in most leagues? Are you kidding me? Not for a number one pick! The next tier of disappointments includes Braylon Edwards, who was also a first round pick in most leagues, a opening day starter on 98% of teams, and with only ONE game posting more than 15 points. Next, Frank Gore who showed so much promise at the end of last season and only seems to have good games when going up against weak opponents. Last of the huge disappointments is Plexiglass with his daunting 3 TD catches this year not to mention all of his off the field problems. So where can you go if one of the picks you needed to bring 20-30 points per game isn’t showing up? Well this season’s “Willy Parker” is the afore mentions backup Mewelde Moore averaging 25+ since becoming a starter a nice find for those looking through the discarded pile. Need to replace a Brady or a Manning? How about Kyle Orton? C’mon, that’s why it’s called Fantasy Football, but over the season they are both averaging 21 and imagine who you could have taken with the Manning pick or money? I know it’s not an entire season but the owner that usually wins is the one taking the time to make some quality moves. This weeks diamonds in the rough? How ‘bout taking another look at the “Deuce” now that Bush will be in Ibiza rather than London, or Jamal Charles because of the Johnson suspension. Shhhhhhh Antiono Bryant going against the CaBoys’ with no Romo and NO OFFENSE on the field.


lil'duce said...

Fantasy Football
Who should I start:
Manning or Cassel
Taylor or White

smacchat said...

As far as QB's go, New England has the weaker opponent (Rams) and are at the Razor. Indy has to play the undefeated Titans on the road. Even with that said, I would still start Peyton. Last week the Pats scored 41 freakin' points and Cassel only had 185 passing yards!! How is that possible? Let's face it, even a 70% Peyton is better than a 100% Cassel. In the second I would go with White as the Colts can not stop anyone with their wounded lineup.

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