Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Shot Caller's Report - QBs

Playoffs are here!!! Here's the time where even the slightest edge in picking your players will decide whether you move on or move out from the playoffs. With that in mind, we've started the Shot Caller's Report... a guide to help the needy decide who to start at their positions. This post is all about the QBs... the ones that make the machine run smoothly.

Must Start:

Kurt Warner @ NO: Playing catch with a hobbled Larry Fitzgerald and without the other top flight receiver Anquan Boldin, Warner still managed to toss three touchdowns passes last week in Seattle. Sure, those five interceptions were hideous and made Warner’s numbers much less impressive... but give the man some love. Fitzgerald will once again be a fighter and play in New Orleans while Boldin’s status will be determined in practice this week. Against the Saints 29th ranked pass defense, Warner would be a great start even if his wife was a receiver for the Cards.

Jeff Garcia v. ATL: If Atlanta’s season wasn’t a train wreck before this week it certainly qualifies now. Their franchise-no-mo quarterback get sentenced to 23 months in prison and their new coach throw in the towel. And that's not even the worst part... the Falcons players managed to make their organization look even worse with their “Free Mike Vick” crap... Morons!

Matt Hasselbeck @ CAR: After destroying the Arizona secondary last week, Hasselbeck gets to do the same thing in Carolina. He has multiple touchdown throws in seven of his last eight games and might get D.J. Hackett back. If not, Seattle has enough depth at receiver for Hasselbeck to be successful without one or two of his wide outs.

Jay Cutler @ HOU: OK, I am finally onboard the Cutler bandwagon. Through the first ten weeks, he threw multiple touchdowns only once, not very titillating for fantasy purposes. Over the last four weeks though, he has eight scores and only three interceptions. Toss in a nice match up against Houston and Cutler needs to be in lineups.

Take a seat son:

Ben Roethlisberger v. JAX: Against his last four opponents, including three defensive juggernauts (Jets, Dolphins, and Bungles), Roethlisberger has four passing TDs and was held under 200 yards in each meeting. The Jaguars truly are a “bend but don’t break” defense. They rank in the bottom ten for passing yards allowed yet opposing quarterbacks have only managed to throw 15 touchdown passes on them.

Vince Young @ KC: It looks like Young has avoided the Madden curse, unless chronic underperformance can be classified as an injury. Although you could never tell (unless you look at his production), he has only missed one game this year. The over-hyped star has managed a meager two multi-score games. Those numbers include his scrambling prowess, which has been almost non-existent for most of the season.

Kellen Clemens @ NE: This should be a no-brainer. I am just wondering how bad it could be for the young signal caller. So far he has five touchdowns and ten turnovers even though he is playing with a decent offensive line and some competent weapons. When a quarterback can’t throw a score against the Browns, something is very wrong.

David Garrard @ PIT: Sure, he has thrown only a single interception this year. While that is impressive, his upside is very limited. Garrard hasn’t broken 300 yards passing or thrown more than two scores in a game. His numbers aren’t bad, but he has very little upside and is facing the second best pass defense in the league, the same group who was humiliated on national television by Tom Brady last week. They may have a chip on their shoulder this week, although no guarantees of a win have yet been heard.

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Certainly the Wash QB should have been on this list, no?

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