Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fantasy awards for 2007

Let's start with the MVP is ALL leagues worldwide. The funny thing is that Tom Brady wasn’t the No. 1 quarterback on anyone’s preseason draft board. If anyone says they had him rated No. 1, they’re lying to you. Giselle Bundchen didn’t even rank her boyfriend No. 1 on her fantasy draft board. In 2007, Tom Brady has been manna from fantasy football heaven. He’s the personification of the golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. Having Brady on your fantasy team this season has been like having a girlfriend whose appearance rates a 14 on a scale of 1 to 10 — your friends are insane with envy, and you have a hard time fathoming your good fortune. Because, let’s face it: If you have Tom Brady on your fantasy team, you’re almost certainly still participating in your league’s playoffs, and it’s quite possible that you’re the favorite to go all the way. If you have Brady and have somehow been eliminated, the rest of your draft must have been a haze of terrible decisions and too much alcohol.

What follows are the rest of the 2007 honors — and dishonors. It’s not too early to hand out end-of-the-year awards, since almost every fantasy football league in the country has wrapped up its regular season.

All-Fantasy teams:
First team

- QB Tom Brady
- RB Adrian Peterson
- RB LaDainian Tomlinson
- WR Randy Moss
- WR Terrell Owens
- TE Antonio Gates
- PK Shayne Graham

Second team
- QB Tony Romo
- RB Brian Westbrook
- RB Joseph Addai
- WR Braylon Edwards
- WR Reggie Wayne
- TE Jason Witten
- PK Kris Brown

At quarterback, Brady is a no-brainer for the first team, and Romo is an easy choice for the second team. Although he’s 10 TD passes behind Brady, Romo is nevertheless eight TD passes ahead of the next-closest quarterback in that category. It’s hard to believe just how dominant Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson has been as a rookie. He is the only running back in the league averaging more than 100 rushing yards per game, AND he’s 15.5 yards per game ahead of his next-closest pursuer in that category. He’s averaging an incredible 6.1 yards per carry, which is a full yard per carry better than any of the NFL’s top 20 rushers. He leads the league in rushing despite missing two full games with a knee injury and is averaging a TD per game. LaDainian Tomlinson may be having a disappointing season by the standards of his monster seasons of the recent past (especially his 31-TD performance last season), but he still has 14 TDs this season and 1,649 combined rushing-receiving yards. Moss and Owens are easy selections for the first team, as they rank 1-2 in receiving yardage and TD catches. There are so many tight ends having excellent fantasy seasons: Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow, Dallas Clark and Chris Cooley. But Gates still wears the crown. His nine scores tie him with Clark for the lead in TD catches among tight ends, but Gates has 890 receiving yards to Clark’s 542.

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