Friday, November 30, 2007

Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings

Here are our rankings for the top 10 players in the QB, RB, and WR category...

1. Tom Brady @BAL
2. Brett Favre @DAL
3. Matt Hasselbeck @PHI
4. Tony Romo @ GB
5. Peyton Manning @ JAC
6. Matt Schaub @TEN
7. Kurt Warner @ CLE
8. Derek Anderson @ARI
9. Drew Brees @ TB
10. Vince Young @ HOU

Running Backs:

1. Brian Westbrook @ SEA
2. LaDainian Tomlinson @KC
3. Clinton Portis @ BUF
4. Willie Parker @ CIN
5. Earnest Graham @NO
6. Steven Jackson @ ATL
7. Chester Taylor @ DET
8. Adrian Peterson @ NYG
9. Maurice Jones-Drew @IND
10. Justin Fargas @ DEN

Wide Receivers:

1. Randy Moss @BAL
2. Terrell Owens @ GB
3. Braylon Edwards @ARI
4. Reggie Wayne @ JAC
5. Larry Fitzgerald @ CLE
6. Deion Branch @PHI
7. Chad Johnson @PIT
8. Torry Holt @ ATL
9. T.J. Houshmandzadeh @PIT
10. Bobby Engram @PHI

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall of the Running Backs

There are a lot of ways to measure how disappointing top-shelf running backs have been this season,. Here's one that sticks out to us: Ronnie Browns is still ranked in the top-ten backs of the year.

In most Fantasy circles, he's ninth in standard scoring and seventh in points-per-reception leagues. Since you could use his starting spot in the last five weeks, it's easy to make the case that Ronnie is still among the Fantasy MVPs this season.

Running backs who have been highly inconsistent (Jamal Lewis, Marion Barber, Clinton Portis) are ranked in the top ten at their position. Maurice Jones-Drew isn't far off despite a far-worse season season.

The NFL goes in cycles, and the passing game is on the upswing. That will affect fantasy leaguers next year, but I'm still not sure what wideouts will deserve to sneak into the first round other than Randy Moss if he stays with the Patriots. I do think you'll see a lot more wideouts taken in the second round. They are less consistent weekly, but the top wideouts have been more predictable and healthier recently.

So will you guys start looking at wideouts and quarterbacks in the first round next year?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week 12 Rankings...

With Week 12 of the NFL season in full swing, here are our top 10 rankings for this week...

1. Tom Brady vs. PHI
2. Matt Schaub vs. CLE
3. Brett Favre vs DET
4. Matt Hasselbeck vs. STL
5. Tony Romo vs. NYJ
6. Peyton Manning vs. ATL
7. Ben Roethlisberger vs. MIA
8. Drew Brees vs. CAR
9. Carson Palmer vs. TEN
10. Jon Kitna vs. GB

1. Brian Westbrook vs. NE
2. Joseph Addai vs. ATL
3. LaDainian Tomlinson vs. BAL
4. Chester Taylor vs. NYG
5. Willie Parker vs. MIA
6. LenDale White vs. CIN
7. Willis McGahee vs. SD
8. Maurice Jones-Drew vs. BUF
9. Clinton Portis vs. TB
10. Steven Jackson vs. SEA

1. Randy Moss vs. PHI
2. Terrell Owens vs. NYJ
3. Reggie Wayne vs. ATL
4. Andre Johnson vs. CLE
5. Marques Colston vs. CAR
6. Larry Fitzgerald vs. SF
7. Hines Ward vs. MIA
8. Brandon Marshall vs. CHI
9. Greg Jennings vs. DET
10. Chad Johnson vs. TEN

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Early week top stories...

1. Jacobs Injures Hamstring - Replaced By Droughns Running back Brandon Jacobs was sidelined in the third quarter with a left hamstring injury. Coughlin wasn't sure how serious Jacobs' injury was.
Fantasy take: Reuben Droughns replaced Jacobs and would be in line to start next week if Jacobs can't go. Derrick Ward was inactive Sunday due to an ankle injury.

2. McNabb's Status Uncertain - Donovan McNabb's status for the Eagles' game at New England next Sunday is uncertain because of a sprained ankle and injured thumb. McNabb left Philadelphia's 17-7 win over Miami in the second quarter after he hurt his right ankle on a hit following an incomplete pass. X-rays during the game were negative and McNabb spent the second half standing on the sideline. An MRI exam Monday showed no further damage. He injured his right thumb earlier in the game. X-rays showed it wasn't broken, but it was "quite swollen," according to coach Andy Reid.
Fantasy Take: A.J. Feeley would start against the unbeaten Patriots if McNabb cannot play. Reid also said that McNabb could miss practice this week and still start on Sunday

3. Losman To Start Vs. Jags -Despite Loss To Patriots, J.P. Losman will start at quarterback this Sunday when the Bills travel to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars, the team announced today. Losman was 15 of 26 passing for 173 yards with one touchdown and one interception in the Bills' 56-10 loss to the New England Patriots Sunday night. Prior to the debacle against the Patriots, the Bills (5-5) had won four games in a row. (The Buffalo News)
Fantasy Take: Losman is the answer to this week's "Who will start for the Bills?" question. Don't expect much from Losman or any of the Bills' receivers this week against a very good Jags defense.

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Football Playoff time

As many fantasy football leagues are either in the playoff stretch or start this weekend, your bye week strategy becomes more crucial so here is what you’ll need to know for this week:

The Smacchat Top 5 QB’s:

1. Ben Roethlisberger - Going against the Browns pass D is enough but he has been second best behind Sir Thomas Brady who is taking the week off to court super-models.
2. Drew Brees - The Rams are already playing second-stringers in hope of re-building and testing talent, while the Saints have finally hit their stride and are making a playoff push. We see HUGE numbers for Drew.
3. Farrrvre - Should have a good day at home, and normally plays well in cold weather. Only concern is the Minn. running game typically can control the ball
4. Peyton - Would normally be higher but with the injuries to the receiving core (ie; Harrison, Clark) he could have a slow day in sunny San Diego.
5. Tony (just got paid) Romo - this could be the big question mark for the week as the Giants have publicly said that they would "wipe that smile off his face" and promise to put pressure on T-Rom this week.

Running Backs

1. Adrian Peterson - Keep riding the train! He should do well on the Frozen Tundra and has the record in his sights. The weak passing game does make him a focal point however so he'll need 30 carries.
2. Joseph Addai - If Peterson's performance will be ANY indicator then JA should run well vs. the Charger D this weekend. Also the passing game will not be at full strength so they will need him.
3. LT -The Colts stop the run well but LT could be on a mission, coming off a loss and with all of the talk of AP being the "second coming". We expect a big day from 'the man'.
4. Willy Parker - Once again, going against the Brown D should provide much needed space for Willy P, who should be good for 100 plus some yac's out of the backfield.
5. Westbrook - Philly needs him to come correct in a big way, and he normally does when they need him. The 'combo man' pass and catch will put up big points this weekend.

Wide Receivers

1. Tj "whosyourmama" - With Chad not in the mix, he becomes the #1 guy and one of the basic fundamentals of FFootball is get the main receiver on a team that throws and you'll get out point your opponent's mirror. The Raven's strength is vs. the run and if they get behind the Bengals could be throwing all day.
2. Reggie Wayne - Please see previous, same situation with no Marvin or a .5 Clark, Wayne is now the goto for Peyton.
3. Plexi-Glass Burress - Eli will need to put it up, and although we don't expect a game with a lot of touchdowns, he'll get catches, yards, and probably one score.
4. TO - Typically plays well vs. the G-Men and the Boys will be looking to catch the blitzing Giants deep throughout the game.
5. Braylon Edwards -
One of the most consistent receivers as of late, he'll need to put up numbers, but with that big line, the makers seem to think the Browns will be playing catchup and if that's the case then there will be plenty of pass yards to go around.

Tight Ends

Tony G - Denver can not seem to stop anyone this year (ie-Detroit 41 points)
Antonio Gates - Always and forever. Now the top target
3. Jason Witten - could be big factor vs. the G-Men
4. Kellen Winslow Jr. - "The Soldier" has been playing well and will get ops this Sun.
5. Heath Miller - Makes the top 5 with Dallas Clark not 100%

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